The Art of Project Management - Timeless Advice From an Old Mentor

May 23, 2020 |  Categories:  Project Management  

I found this word doc on his shared drive, on a particularly horrible late night in the office, a few years ago and printed it out. During rough project times I reset myself to it as a kind of mantra/core value set.

Hope it helps some of you out there.

The Art of Project Management

A ten point plan to improve critical reasoning:

  1. Define the brief - what are the ground rules.
  2. Measure the scope - remove the guesswork.
  3. Secure the signoff – are decision makers buying in with understanding not just being agreeable.
  4. Progressively commit - don't jump in on insufficient analysis….. beware of collective blind spots.
  5. Apply resources - how big a mistake can you afford to make.
  6. Review to zero base - beware incremental changes that disguise errors.
  7. Resist self-imposed constraints - creating irrelevant deadlines, excuses to continue.
  8. Don't build mistakes - be prepared to abort design work.
  9. Monitor - on time, on cost, on quality, on scope.
  10. Own up - report variances and manage adverse situations proactively.

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On May 27, 2020  Donny wrote:

Great work with Blog. Your (our?) mentor was formidable even when he was terminally ill. Would have been amazing to see him at his zenith.

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