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April 15, 2021 |  Categories:  Project Management  

I am releasing today for free and general public use the PM Projections Job Search app.

The app is dedicated to project management job postings, and fundamentally differs from the standard job search websites: Based on the job description a specific salary is predicted for each role, and PM hiring trends are tracked by state in real time. There is nothing quite like this on the web.

The app currently works for 7 countries/territories (United States, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore).

It is below. Further instructions on how to use can be found beneath the app.


Each dot on the first dashboard represents a current job posting, which has been collected on a daily basis.

To access the actual job posting click the dot in question. And then click the blue hyperlink above the dashboard. The hyperlink updates each time you click a dot and will link you through to the actual posting to enable you to apply. Current hiring trends are displayed by state.

You can also run searches based on your current or desired education, qualifications, years of experience, position title, industry and remote work status and apply multiple filters at once.

To isolate jobs in a specific state, double click on its icon on the right hand panel. You can then add multiple other states to overlay.

It’s recommended to try one filter at a time to narrow things down.

Going Forward

Currently this will remain a free service for PMs everywhere to use.

There’s also a global trends app which is currently accessible on a free sign up basis. This shows higher level trends across countries, and can be used to determine countries around the world with the best and pay for your skill set.

PM Projections - PM Job Search

Visit the PM Projections Home Page to sign up for live Project Management Job Market Analysis and opportunities.

Find the perfect Project Management role fast. Get a higher salary.

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