PM Polemics: Episode 1 - Productivity

June 15, 2021 |  Categories:  Project Management  

Hi All,

The first in what will probably be a series of fairly crisp PM polemics from me.


Turn off all your notifications.

Phone goes to silent when you're working. No email/text/popups/chats/sounds/vibrates.

If all hell is raining down and someone actually needs you between now and the next time you choose to check your phone/email: they will find a way to contact you, call the office landline, or kick the front door down.

You don't owe anyone an improv audience through the ether at the time of their choosing, you have real planned work to get done. You already should be turning your phone to silent when you're in an important meeting, just simply extend that treatment. All of your time is that important, you will pay for those impromptu distractions in late nights.

Obviously apply some smart exceptions: If you're actually expecting an important callback, that's a time you might temporarily turn the sound on. If you answering some form of notification within minutes is an actual matter of routine life and death, keep answering that notification.

Overall this has hugely reduced my cortisol levels and long working hours for years now, after some initial anxiety - you'll notice people start to actually respect your time.

Enjoy being at least 50% more productive :).


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