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PM Polemics: Episode 1 - Productivity

June 15, 2021 |  Categories:  Project Management  

Hi All, The first in what will probably be a series of fairly crisp PM polemics from me. Productivity Turn off all your notifications. Phone goes to silent when you're working. No email/text/popups/chats/sounds/vibrates. If all hell is raining down and someone actually needs you between now and the next time you choose to check your phone/email: they will find a way to contact you, ...

Project Management Job Search App - Salary Prediction and Hiring Trends

April 15, 2021 |  Categories:  Project Management  

I am releasing today for free and general public use the PM Projections Job Search app. The app is dedicated to project management job postings, and fundamentally differs from the standard job search websites: Based on the job description a specific salary is predicted for each role, and PM hiring trends are tracked by state in real time. There is nothing quite like this on the web. The ap...

The Art of Project Management - Timeless Advice From an Old Mentor

May 23, 2020 |  Categories:  Project Management  

I found this word doc on his shared drive, on a particularly horrible late night in the office, a few years ago and printed it out. During rough project times I reset myself to it as a kind of mantra/core value set. Hope it helps some of you out there. __The Art of Project Management__ A ten point plan to improve critical reasoning: 1. Define the brief - what are the ground rules. 2. ...